Dom is proud to be a Sabian, Vic Firth, and Hardcase endorsee.
The gear he chooses helps him to create his sound and musical identity. It also makes sure that his instruments get to the gigs with the best protection.
He is extremely lucky to get the support from these fantastic companies and their wonderful staff. Their support is very much appreciated.

“Because sounds matters, you will recognize that SABIAN innovation is all about creating new sounds that matter. Listen to the Artisan Ride and discover dark, tonal complexity. Or crash a multi-holed O-Zone for a combination crash/chinese response. The X-treme Crash produces raw glassiness, while the X-Plosion Crash delivers with power. And there are hundreds of other models, both traditional and innovative, producing vintage and modern sounds for every style of drummer and percussionist.

Dom plays the following cymbals: 22″ Artisan Medium Ride,Sabian - Vic Firth 21″ VAULT Crossover Ride Rivetted, 20″ HH Medium Ride, 14″ HHX Legacy Hi-Hats, 18″ Artisan Crash, 19″ HHXtreme Crash, 19″ Signature Fierce Crash, 18″ Evolution O-Zone Crash (broken), 18″ AAX Chinese.

“For over 40 years, Vic Firth has been a leader in design, innovation and technology. He has pioneered new concepts and methods to constantly improve upon the manufacturing process, resulting in the world’s best drumsticks and mallets.

Dom plays exclusively his signature Vic Firth’s sticks, Wire Brushes and Rute Sticks.

Hardcase“Strap your precious drum in a Hardcase and put your mind at rest. When your gear is in a case with the HARDCASE name on it, you can be as sure as you can, it will get from A to B to C and back again without a knock or a scratch.